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Weddings Traditional or Themed

(officiate)  James Donaldson is a ordained non-denominational

Christian wedding officiate

specializing in Traditional, Re-commitment and Themed weddings.


Serving these U.S.A. states  -  Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia

(423) 645-9200





After any ceremony you will receive a Marriage Certificate and a copy of the ceremony itself.


Basic Wedding Ceremony

A basic ceremony at your home or another location.

This will include a 10-20 minute ceremony and simple exchange of vows.

Price: $100.00 - up    (423) 645-9200


Traditional, Re-commitment and Themed Wedding Ceremonies.

1. It includes a planning session with all of the wedding participants.

2. Presiding over the wedding rehearsal.

3. The wedding ceremony itself. Specified by the bride and groom at the planning session.

4. Staying longer after the ceremony for photos etc.

Price: $200.00 - up (423) 645-9200


Planning a Christmas themed wedding?

Do you want to set your Christmas wedding apart from all others?  (officiate) James Donaldson is also a professional Santa Claus and can officiate at your wedding in full Santa attire. If Christmas is your special time of year, Santa can make your special day one that your family and friends will remember forever.

This Christmas Wedding Ceremony is available all year.

Price: $200.00 - up (423) 645-9200